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ATOM A100 digital scale

500.00 230.00

A100 Pocket Scale Measurement and weight is an indispensable piece of both life and business. Regardless of whether it's gauging elements for a formula, or checking postage on a package prior to mailing.

Frontech power connector FT-3513

400.00 199.00
  • Brand: frontech model number: FT-3513 color: black type: strip number of sockets: 6 usb port: nil power cord length: 5 m

  • Capacity: 5 Amp

  • Tech-Mech Micro Switch

HD infrared camera

2,000.00 990.00

With the expanding number of burglaries and thefts, such proficient and dependable security HD Infrared Waterproof Camera has become a need of average folks.

Mosquito bat L-150

450.00 170.00

Multicolour Rechargeable Electronic Mosquito Killer Racket will help you gigantically in bug control. It is a racket that can immediately pull in mosquitoes and other comparable little bugs towards. It will be an extraordinary item to have anyplace where you invest a great deal of energy like homes, facilities, shops, stockrooms, workplaces, etc