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7 amrit

it boost metabolism, synacites, lung infection , digestion, pulmonary diseases and disorder


डायबिटीज बीमारी नहीं बल्कि मेटाबोलिक सिंड्रोम हैं। एण्टी शुगर मैक्स का हो साथ तो, डायबिटीज से ड़रने की क्या बात। उपयोगी- शरीर मे इंसुलिन की उत्पादकता व नियंत्रण को सामान्य कर, टाइप वन व टाइप टू मधुमेह नियंत्रण में सहयोगी। मधुमेह के कारण उत्पन्न रोग जैसेः घाव, संक्रमण, अनियंत्रित रक्तचाप, अनिद्रा, कोलेस्ट्रॉल, एनीमिया, डायरिया, बार बार पेशाब आना, प्रोस्टेट, कामशक्ति, एवं कार्यक्षमता की कमी, यह शारिरिक क्षमता उर्जा, यौनशक्ति व स्वस्थ जीवन शक्त्ति प्रदान करता है। कहिये अलविदा अब डायबिटीज को।

ATOM A100 digital scale


A100 Pocket Scale Measurement and weight is an indispensable piece of both life and business. Regardless of whether it's gauging elements for a formula, or checking postage on a package prior to mailing.



 it boost immunity, weakness, optimising bood cells, Detoxification antioxidant, antibacterial, Antifungal Anti-inflammatory,

child care


it helps in boost immunity ,weakness, optimizing rbc, wbc, muscle tissue, strong bone and teeth, skin and digestive system

DD Free Dish set top box

DD Free Dish set top box Free Air DTH Setup Box with Remote ,lead,Adapter, Only prepaid order accepted / Shipping



It has the ability to remove all the disorders related to the digestive system. Useful - Completely cleanses the intestines, strengthens the digestive system and strengthens the liver by increasing the beneficial immunity in the absorption of nutrients by removing constipation.

Frontech power connector FT-3513

  • Brand: frontech model number: FT-3513 color: black type: strip number of sockets: 6 usb port: nil power cord length: 5 m

  • Capacity: 5 Amp

  • Tech-Mech Micro Switch

HD infrared camera


With the expanding number of burglaries and thefts, such proficient and dependable security HD Infrared Waterproof Camera has become a need of average folks.

Health MX

Immunity, Hemoglobin, Physical weakness, sexual health, Strengthens hair, Skin and bones. Helps in controlling cholesterol, Sugar, Weight, Protects the cells of the body from damage as an antioxidant. Reduces the effects of bone mineral deficiency and aging.

livo-clean MX


it helps in rejuvenates Liver & kidney cells, detoxification , removes cancer cells, and hepatitis A, B,C and E, kidney disease, stone, Uti, infection, prostate water retention, enlarged spleen.

Medayu curcuma


Not only taste but also important for health. Turmeric Child Care Give your child the gift of health A quality product by Medayu Quantity: 200g Helps in: Antioxidant detoxification, Antibacterial, Antifungal Anti-inflammatory, Improve brain function, Heart health, Arthritis, Diabetes, Skin and hair, Anti -Depressant and anti-aging etc. Anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogenic substances are abundant in some spices

medayu moringa

Nature has gifted us with many life saving medicines, among which Moringa oleifera (sahjan) is the main one. Useful- It contains abundant natural essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, folic acid etc. Which provides protection to our body from various diseases and diseases and is also especially beneficial for malnourished children.

medayu repistone


Useful in all types of respiratory diseases: Cold-cold, cough, asthma, lung-infection, bronchitis, TB, sinusitis, inflammation of the respiratory tract, pain, allergy, soreness etc

Medayu tulsi


Disease many, medicine one. Tulsi not only has religious significance but it also has many health benefits, many scientific research confirms the medicinal properties present in Tulsi. Useful- Health benefits of Tulsi, Cold, Cough, Cold, Skin diseases, Headache, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Eye, ear and throat related diseases, Bronchitis, Asthma, Infection, Urinary diseases, Diabetes, Anti-carcinogenic, Stomach disease, Colitis, Cholesterol, Sinusitis, Allergy, Blood Pressure, Flu, Swine Flu, Dengue, Hepatitis, Malaria, Tulsi is the best medicine for physical and mental diseases.



Nature's gift The basis of long life and healthy life, a useful superfood for modern lifestyle. Useful- More than 150 healthy medicinal, nutritious elements are found in Noni fruit, which is very important for our body.

Mosquito bat L-150


Multicolour Rechargeable Electronic Mosquito Killer Racket will help you gigantically in bug control. It is a racket that can immediately pull in mosquitoes and other comparable little bugs towards. It will be an extraordinary item to have anyplace where you invest a great deal of energy like homes, facilities, shops, stockrooms, workplaces, etc

Mouse QHM 232D


QHM 232D mouse will basically coast by quick and smooth so you'll never need to give up off it. With this close by, you can disregard getting intruded on like clockwork or experiencing difficulties in approaching a specific undertaking that requires most extreme accuracy.