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Mosquito bat L-150


Multicolour Rechargeable Electronic Mosquito Killer Racket will help you gigantically in bug control. It is a racket that can immediately pull in mosquitoes and other comparable little bugs towards. It will be an extraordinary item to have anyplace where you invest a great deal of energy like homes, facilities, shops, stockrooms, workplaces, etc

Mouse QHM 232D


QHM 232D mouse will basically coast by quick and smooth so you'll never need to give up off it. With this close by, you can disregard getting intruded on like clockwork or experiencing difficulties in approaching a specific undertaking that requires most extreme accuracy.

Mouse QHM262


Optical Mouse 2 Buttons Scroll Wheel The Quantum QHM 262 Mouse is a reduced and light weight optical mouse intended for predominant solace and simplicity of accommodation.

ND-6006 wireless speaker with MIC


Enjoy a ultra high sound at your home with ND-6006 wireless speaker; it ultra high sound is not less then dj



helps in leprosey, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, Liver problems, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin healthy and glowing, cardiovascular disease, fever, diabetes, anti bacterial and anti fungal, disease and cancer properties etc. 



It has the ability to cure all disorders related to the digestive system. Useful - Completely cleanses the intestines, strengthens the digestive system and strengthens the liver by increasing the beneficial immunity in the absorption of nutrients by removing constipation,

NISHICA NS-1 mosquito killer bat


Battery-powered Mosquito and Insect Killer Bat racket profoundly compelling and eco amicable. Made of great stun evidence plastic with high strength. Charge voltage: AC 220V~240V 50/60Hz. Working voltage 2200V-2400V.Charge the Mosquito bat for 10 hours before use

NOVA NV-6130 hair dryer


Proficient NV-6130, 1800 Watt Hair Dryer: Gives Shiny hair: This Hair Dryer gives you gleaming and glistening hair in practically no time. The warm blowing air keeps up the sheen of your locks without harming them